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Why you need Cute Files Manager


Why you need Version Control Pro


1.Scenario One: Kevin is an employee work for a big company. He handle a lot of files every day. One day, he need to write a file to his boss. His boss is not satisfied with the file he write, so he modify the file again and again. At last, terrible thing happend, his boss want this file's history version one hour ago. Kevin doesn't remember what's the change about that version of the file. If kevin use Version Control Pro, it would be not a problem.


2. Scenario Two: Jack is computer programmer. He maintain a software for a lot of areas. This software have a lot of versions, because different areas have different specific needs. those lots of different versions of software maintaining is a hard job. Fortunatelly, using Version Control Pro make this job easily to do.


3.When using Outlook, you may often want to save or backup your important e-mails, then you must click Outlook File menu, save as menu to save your e-mails and those saved e-mails can not be organized. Now using Version Control Pro, you can check your important e-mails into it anytime.


4.BaseLine supported: BaseLine is a collection of a group of files at specific time. It include a group of pre-defined files. BaseLine can help you track your documents history. You will not confuse the relationship of a pile of documents.


5.You can directly share your documents and communicate with your colleagues in your office. Folder sharing by operating system is not necessary. This function can prompt your work efficiency!


Download the free trial and see for yourself how Version Control Pro can improve your documents and baseline management .


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