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Version Control Pro

Key Features

1.Catalog your files as you want

2.Any format file can be checked in

3.Easily keep all kinds of versions of your files

4.Perfectly help you record what you have changed with your files

5.Freely move your files between catalogs

6.Check out your files whenever you want

7.Directly view your files without checking out your files

8.Very convenient Right-Button Menu can be used

9.Completely integrate with Microsoft Office 2000, xp, 2003, 2007, Microsoft Project and Visio.

10.Watch your files. if those files are modified, Version Control Pro will prompt you check your files into it.

11.Entire change log of a file can be viewed.

12.Add Memo to files anytime.

13.Group the files you check into

14.BaseLine management support

15.BaseLine repository lock and unlock

16.Check your Outlook e-mails into Version Control Pro anytime you want

17.Rename your Repository

18.Multi-DataBase is supported, create your version control database anywhere you want, include removable disk.

19.Share your documents by E-Mail.

20.Calendar and Plan is supported by Version Control Pro. You can plan your schedule and Version Control Pro can remind you to do your things. At the same time, you can print your calendar an plan out.

21.Directly share your documents with your colleagues in your office without sharing your folder by operating system.

22.Directly communicate with your colleagues in your office.

23.Iinfinite repository level can be supported.

24.Check in multiple documents at one time.




































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