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Key Features

1.Easily access computer that behind firewall or inconfigurable router.

2.Easy to use.

3.Reverse tunnel any TCP/UDP protocol. For example: HTTP, SMTP, POP, TELNET, NETBIOS and SSL.

4.Limit count of of connections of reverse port forwarding.

5.Log protocol data that go through this software into log file.This is a greate helper to debug or learn network protocol.

6.Tool of resolve web site to ip address.

7.IP strategy to define what ip address can access Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard.

8.Automatically fetch,delete or add your router's port mapping.

9.Automatically start port mapping when computer power on or Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard start.

10.Integrating with an often used ports list.

11.Monitor tool let you know which ip has already connected with Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard.

12.Integrated with http proxy function to let you access web service behind firewall or inconfigurable router.

13.Port forwarding Tester let you know if router has already opened the port you want and easily check port forwarding.

14.Tool for checking your computer's local ip address and external ip address.

15.Notify when port forwardings setting of your router has been changed.

16.Flash tray icon to let you know network data is travelling through your reverse port forwardings.





































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