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Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard

Frequently Asked Questions


Below is a list of the most common questions we get about Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard. If your question isn't answered, please contact us.


General Questions

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General Questions


Q. Which computers will Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard work on?

A. Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard will work on Windows 2000, xp system, Vista and above.


Q. What kinds of protocol can be supported?

A. Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard forwards any TCP/UDP protocol. For example: HTTP, SMTP, POP, TELNET, NETBIOS and SSL and integrated with http proxy function.


Q. Why router management is not available?

A. If you click "Router Management" menu and see error "Failed to find a router.Please make sure your router's UPnP option is enabled!",this is often because that your router's UPnP option is disabled.Please login into your router and enable this option.If you still get this error,you should set your windows firewall or other firewall you installed,open port 1900 of UDP and port 2869 of TCP. After all this,you can use upnp port forwarding function of Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard.


Q. How much does Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard cost?

A. Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard costs USD $9.99. If you're purchasing from another country, the cost will be converted into your local currency by your credit card issuer.


Q. How do I purchase Reverse Port Forwarding Wizard?

A. Please see this page: Buy Now


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