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Menu Wizard 1.1: Your Windows Context Menu Expert.


Menu wizard is a very greate Windows Context menu software.When you use computer, maybe you often find where control panel is, where the programs you want to execute are, where the show-desktop button is and often take you steps to delete a file forever, see your system attributes, lock your computer, hide your files, switch between show all your files and not show hide or system files view.


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Now, using Menu Wizard, all these can be done nearly one-shot. You can integrate all these functions into your right-button menu. You can open your control panel, execute your choose program, add folders to Send-To menu, show desktop, view system attributes, delete a file forever, hide your file, lock computer, switch show all your files and not show hide or system files view. You can do all these just by click your right-button menu.


Now, Menu Wizard, Your Windows Context Menu Expert!







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